Image by Annie Spratt

Studio Designs

Floral & Co.

We welcome you warmly to Studio Designs Floral & Co., where green is the focus on more than just flowers! Each arrangement that leaves the store is 70%-90% recyclable and returnable. The floral industry can be enormously wasteful, but Studio Designs Floral & Co. is different, and has been built from an eco-conscious platform, and that is represented in the logo. Another prominent facet of our logo is the forget-me-not flower at the center of it. It’s there to honor our founder's father, who used to sign his letters to her mom ‘forget me not’. Green is the color of growth, life, and forward momentum, and we embrace that here. Change comes when we make it. 


This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Let’s create something perfect for you! We’re happy to help you with online or over-the-phone ordering, or you may make an appointment for a personalized consultation. Let’s grow!