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Flower Arrangement

Petal it Forward

We strive to give back to our community in any way that we can. Here, you can read all about our recycle program, our monthly donations, and our contribution for mental health. 

If you need a donation made for your event, fundraiser, or organization, please call us at 307-264-3238. Thank you!

Ways that we give back

How YOU can help

By supporting our small business and shopping local, you are supporting at least one or more of our "Petal it Forward" efforts. 

We also offer direct donations and sponsorships if you would like to help more.

You may also help by simply spreading the word! Tell your friends and your family, share our posts on social media, and help us promote each of these efforts. 

Note from the Recycling Center

"Thank you so much for your generous donations this past spring. Your support and generosity mean so much. We greatly appreciate you and your continued support. "

-The Ray Lovato Recycling Center

Board & Staff

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