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Green Leaf

Recycle Rewards

Step 1: Return or Donate

Step 2: Save

 We rely on your help to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can. 98% of everything that leaves our shop is re-usable! And as a thank you for helping us run a sustainable business, we offer rewards for all donations and returns. See Below all the different materials we accept back and how you can redeem your rewards!

When qualified items are donated or returned to our store, you have 2 reward redemption options.

1. You may save 'up to' 10% off any one future purchase you make through our store. 

2. A value will be determined of donated/returned items and this amount will be donated to our local recycling center. 

Glass Water Bottle


  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Mache

  • Resin

  • Ceramic

  • Etc

Step 3: Spread the Word!

Spread the joy of making a difference! Every little bit counts and the more of us that participate, the bigger of a difference we can make. 

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