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Got Flowers?

This gift was very carefully designed JUST FOR YOU and we hope it brightens your day! Below, you will find care instructions to ensure a happy and healthy arrangement. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us IMMEDIETLY so that we can address them as soon as possible. Thank you and enjoy your gift!

Care Instructions

What are your flowers telling you?

Dry/Crunchy leaves

This is caused from a lack of water and/or it being too warm. Temperatures above 70 degrees can dry the flowers out, even if they have water.

Flowers opening too quickly

This may be caused by either being in a room that's too warm or from a processing/care error with the farm/wholesaler/florist.


This can be caused by lack of water, high temperature, or bacteria, or age.  Recutting the stems, refreshing the water, and placing in a cooler room MAY help resolve this issue.


Fading of color is a sign of an older bloom. Bruising can also reflect age or it can be from rough handling, particularly on white blooms. 

Translucent Petals


This is typically from exposure to cold or freezing temperatures. 

Tight Blooms

Tight or closed buds means that they are SUPER fresh! this is the ideal state as it means longer vase life. As for roses, some varieties open more than others. A rose not fully opening does not mean it's unhealthy, it may just be the  specific variety. 

Do you like your flowers?

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