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As a Wyoming native seed, I planted myself at Owlfies Flowers while I was still in high school. It was one of the oldest and most renowned floral shops in the area, and the best possible garden for me to begin in. I started at the bottom and learned all that I could over the six years that I worked with them. My love of floral design grew along with my knowledge, which continues to be carefully nurtured by attending workshops around the country to stay up to date on all the latest trends and developments. The floral world changes every day, and it is one of my greatest joys to evolve with it.


Following my experience at Owlfies, I was repotted over at Joy’s floral shop for two years, where I continued to drink in everything I could learn. I even got to enjoy a couple of workshops with Phil Rulloda, who is an international Rockstar in the floral world! My continuing education enables me to bring a fresh vision to our geographical area with styles and designs that are not common in this area, as well as leading a strong awareness in operating a green-ecofriendly company and supporting local causes.


All the time I’ve spent with my heart and fingers in amongst leaves and petals has deepened my passion for floral design, even to a spiritual level. I listen to the flowers and speak their language when I create art with them. It’s a core part of who I am. That dedication and powerful connection enables me to design extraordinary pieces.


Every time I take on a new project, I am committing to my craft, the very best of myself, and to my clients. It is my goal to bring their visions to life in unique and beautiful ways. Flowers are the natural expression we use in celebrating all the most special and significant milestones in our lives; from the start of life and everything big that happens in it to the end of it. The most important events of our lives call for a designer who can meet and exceed the expectations of the clients. In every arrangement or display I create, I provide the very highest quality while operating a sustainable and ethical business, and most of all, creating a lasting friendship with my clients.

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