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As a born and raised Rock Springs native, I’ve always felt close ties to our community. From my family to the causes we support, this place I call home is very important and I wish to contribute in any way that I can. My family is the driving force behind everything I do and without them pushing me to succeed I doubt I would be where I am at today.

My very first job came in the form of a naturalist type shop owned by a family friend. It introduced me to a world that helped shape me into the person I am today. Since then my path has ventured down many different roads. I found many new loves in my work life with every new path I took, but nothing ever truly felt like it was something that I could call home. Eventually my path crossed with that of Joy’s Flowers and Gifts. I started out by helping out during the week of Valentines as a driver. As time went by I was able to help in other capacities and found myself falling in love with the industry. Eventually I was allowed to make my first design and realized that this was my calling. I had never done anything like it before, but found a passion for it that I had never felt about anything else before. During the start of my journey into design, I was able to attend a couple classes and train under a wonderful designer who has taught me more then I had ever expected. Every day was and continues to be a new adventure filled with new challenges. My hopes moving forward are to continue growing and learning as the industry continues to change and evolve.

My goal is to be able to provide the highest quality work I can to fulfill my clients every need. I want to meet and exceed every expectation placed on me. As a crafty person, I enjoy bringing my outside passions into my work. I enjoy new challenges and can’t wait to bring my clients visions to life. I am excited to provide my clients with exceptional work for every occasion.

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